Resume and Current Projects

Resume & Projects

My clients include writers, Logosscholars, researchers, artists, fellow editors, CEOs, and publishers. Some of the institutions, companies, and organizations in association with the my copyediting and translation work for these clients:

Current and Recent Freelance Projects under Metaphor Press

  • Sassi Editore, nonfiction and fiction books in the genres of history, science, nature, culture, travel, education, and traditional stories
  • Coriolis-Baladéo & Deejo websites (,, catalogs, product descriptions, research articles, media packet and publicity materials (sample of work)
  • Lingua in Corso website (, course descriptions, and publicity materials
  • Political science article, “Hans Kelsen: On the Essence and Value of Democracy, presented at the EAFIT Conference at Colombia University, NY
  • Research proposal for the Albert Einstein Institution, A Comparative Analysis of Twentieth Century Policies of Non-violence for Political Change in Italy, Iraq and Israel
  • Short stories and plays by author and playwright David Chrisman, including “Two Dogs,” “Swaddling Clothes,” and Tina Modotti: A Dream of Revolution
  • Literary article, “The Poetesses of Trasimeno,” by Barbara Bracci, for Umbria Tourism
  • Sports essay, "Defense Wins Championships" for university student publication
  • Media packet and PR materials for Tralee to Fenit Advocacy Group
  • Translation from Italian to English: Libra by Barbara Bracci, Gruppo Albatros Il Filo publisher
  • Translation from Italian to English: Political science article for publication in the American Political Science Review